Luca Pinton

Luca is a PhD candidate in Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine at UCL and King's College London. In his project he investigates pluripotent stem cell-derived disease models of laminopathies which affect the skeletal muscle and peripheral nerves with the ultimate goal of testing novel gene therapies and screen new drugs. In his 5+ years of research experience Luca authored 7 publications, presented at 15 international conferences and received more than 10 awards.

He graduated in Pharmacy with honours at the University of Ferrara (Italy) in 2015. Luca, as a researcher and pharmacist with an entrepreneurial mindset, has a strong interest in the development, clinical translation, application and commercialisation of biomedical research including novel therapies and medical devices for disease prevention and diagnosis. To this end, Luca’s aim at Innovation Forum is to help healthcare and health products-related start-ups build the right network to foster the development of their ideas and business. Luca joined Innovation Forum as Business Development Associate in 2018 and he is now Deputy Head and Business Development Director of the London branch. He is also Senior Committee Officer at the London Stem Cell Network (LSCN) and has worked as external Life Science Consultant with Viadynamics Ltd.

Other team Members

Omar Matar

Business Development Lead

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Moustafa Khedr

Deputy Head of London Branch

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Rinad Alhedaithy

Marketing Associate

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Konstantina Tetorou

Head of London Branch

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