Omar Matar

Business Development Lead

PhD student

Omar is a Genetics and Body Plan evolution PhD candidate at University
College London (UCL) based at the department for Genetics, Evolution
and Environment where he is working on the genetic regulation of tissue
formation and emergence body plans. Prior to his PhD, he completed his
MSc at UCL's School of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Formulation and
Entrepreneurship working on peripheral nerve regeneration. Omar got his
BSc in Molecular Biotechnology from the University of Heidelberg where
he co-founded and was president of Unicorn Labs, developing MVPs for
German and Swiss start-ups. 

Omar’s passion for science and his interest in commercialisation of
biomedical research led him to join Sartorius AG in December 2018
identifying leading start-ups and spinouts in biotechnology to support them in drug discovery & development and biologics production. He joined
Innovation Forum as Business Development lead in February 2023.

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