Ainhoa Uribarren

Business Development Officer

Ainhoa completed the Honours programme and MSc. in Life Science and Technology - Biochemical Engineering at TUDelft (The Netherlands) in 2018. Her thesis predicted the effect of shear stress during cultivation of erythroblasts in suspension bioreactors for scale-up optimisation.

She studied a BSc. in Biotechnology at the Universidad Autonóma de Barcelona (Spain). She always had an interest for both business and biotechnology, thus undertook a minor in Science and Research Based Business at Leiden University (The Netherlands).

She carried out a 6-month research project studying the role of enhancers and promoters in cancer at the University of Cambridge. It was while she was here that she first attended an Innovation Forum event, sparking her interest and decision to join.

Currently she is pursuing her passion for business at The Engineering Company, a very innovative London based startup, as the Business Development Officer.

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